are fully lined with leather, from the shelf
of the table to the doors of the household
appliances, as well as a LIMITED EDITION
collection characterized by the use of
elements made of carbon and kevlar.
In 2008 the takeover of the brand MIAMI
SWING by Renzo Arbore took place and the
names of Renzo Arbore, Alida Cappellini
and Giovanni Licheri joined up with the
brands of Formitalia Luxury Group: the
Miami Swing collection, which resulted from
Renzo Arbore’s passion for the USA vintage
of the 50s and 60s and was put in concrete
by the designers and the stage designers
Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri, broke
out with gaudy colors, smooth forms and
measured matchings for a furniture with an
informal and an anticonformistic taste.
In 2011 the collaboration with the
prestigious English motor company Aston
Martin started for the exclusive production
and marketing of the new furniture
collection Aston Martin Interiors. This line
distinguishes as an integrated solution
of home, office and contract offers
complete with accessories and lighting.
This collection, which is characterized by
a clearly design mark, often futurist and
strictly Made in Italy, represents a synthesis
between industrial advanced technologies,
such as the ones used for components
made of carbon and kevlar, and the use of
extremely valuable materials such as hides,
boiled wool and cashmere.
Company Headquarter
David e Gianni Overi
Florence office & gallery
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