DIDI Collection

    Introducing a new collection of accessories that embodies the excellence of Florentine craftsmanship, using precious materials and sophisticated techniques rooted in our centuries-old tradition. From delicately mouth-blown and expertly hand-ground crystal to meticulously crafted bronzes using traditional methods like chiseling and lost-wax casting, every piece exudes a timeless allure.
    Semi-precious stones and precious marbles, expertly worked by craftsmen who have been passing down the art of "Florentine Mosaic" for generations, pay homage to these wonders of nature. A unique combination with a modern style that aims to stand out, giving great personality and uniqueness to the objects in the collection.
    Embracing the essence of modernity, while honoring tradition, our designs seamlessly integrate into today's dynamic world, where each piece stands as a testament to enduring elegance. From the most exclusive penthouses to luxury yachts and esteemed institutional spaces, this collection leaves an enduring impression on the landscape of home accessories, embodying the spirit of Florentine elegance.